Real Bike provides a truly wide range of bike accessories, from simple to highly specialized. Our goal is to meet the needs of the visitor, the amateur cyclist, and the one who deals with the racing track.

Special wheels, carbon footwear, special shoes, special pedals and similar products are already on the shelves of the shop, but there is also the possibility of ordering and immediate delivery in case of non-availability of a specific code.

As for bicycle holders, in our store you will find several types: iron or stainless steel, floor or wall mounted, with capacity from two bicycles to many more. In addition, we accept orders for special constructions to fully meet your needs.

There is also a wide range of clothing and accessories: clothes, windbreakers, hoods, gloves, hats, isotherms, mobile cases and many other products to meet the needs of every season and age.

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Special Accessories

At Real Bike you’ll also find special accessories such as:

  • GPS by known companies such as Garmin & Polar.
  • Oscilloscopes – sensors (measuring the heart rate of the cyclist).
  • Sports watches that record the route, altitude, temperature, equipped with GPS, the ultimate training tool for both city and mountain bikes.