Specialized Service

Apart from the huge variety of bicycles and related accessories for both the amateurs and the professional cyclists, but also the island’s visitors who chose to move around the island by bike, Real Bike fully covers the service of its two-wheeled vehicles.

We are able to undertake the most demanding repairs, such as bicycle mounts service, hydraulic brakes service, gear adjustments, bike rays repair, but also the conversion of conventional bicycles into electric ones.

In addition, we undertake bicycle scrapping, in whole or in part, using special products that prevent corrosion.

In cooperation with famous brands (Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo), we ensure that we’ll find a solution to any problem, directly and with a guaranteed result. Our years of experience in the field of cycling also ensure a low cost guarantee, which you will be able to know as a customer from the beginning. Real Bike. Headquarted in Naxos, but with the ability to serve the entire complex of Cyclades islands.

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At Real Bike we undertake bicycle cleaning, full or partial, as well as the care of metals, chain and brakes when required.

We specialize in removing rust with an over 80% percentage of successful cleaning, using special products that prevent corrosion. In case of greater damage, when the rust has not just stuck on the metal of the bicycle but has deeply affected it, causing greater damage, we prefer to use the famous American X-Rust product, which has the right PH and acts between metal and rust.

With our year long experience we are at the pleasant position to guarantee the complete shredding in 24-48 hours, even on old objects made twenty years ago! No scrubbing at all!


Real Bike can transform your convention bike into an electric one. Even the tricycle can be transformed into electric, becoming the ultimate transportation tool, ideal even for older people.